Dental bone grafts have revolutionized implant placement possibilities.  Before it was only selective patients with adequate bone amount remaining that could have implants placed.  Now with many different types of bone grafts available sinus lift are possible in the posterior area of the upper jaw where when teeth are missing the maxillary sinus expands leaving little bone for implant placements.  In area where teeth have been missing for a while or the missing tooth was infected and caused bone destruction implants can still be placed along with bone grafts in order to restore empty spaces.

Types of bone grafts available

Autograft – taken from patient’s own bone from a different site

Allograft – harvested from a different individual and specially sterilized and processed for use

Synthetic variants – hydrogen-hydroxyapatite organic matrix mixture used to promote your body to deposit more bone at the site of placement

Xenograft – animal derived bone such as from bovine

Which type is right for you is determined by specific individual needs after through consultation for implant placement.



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