Choosing the Best Dental Office

With Philadelphia being such a large city, surrounded by numerous suburban areas, there are dozens upon dozens of dental offices from which to choose. While having a variety of options is beneficial considering most dentists provide different services to a wide range of ages, it can be challenging to find an office that is of the highest quality and capable of meeting all your dental needs. When searching for the best dentistry for you, it’s important to consider insurance and payment options, location, and accessibility. It is also essential to assess whether the doctors and hygienists on staff at the office are experts in their field and are able to provide the care best for you, consistently every visit. It also helps to consider the technology available and the overall quality of the office space, as it affects your overall visit and the quality of your experience. Reading reviews and ratings are a great way to determine which dentist offices are worth further research. To aid in your search, Ideal Smile has excellent ratings and is an office many enjoy visiting. We hope you consider us in your search for the best dental office in the Philadelphia area.

Why Ideal Smile is the Best Dentistry

Located in Bensalem PA, Ideal Smile Aesthetic Dental Center is accessible by multiple towns and areas surrounding the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Our location allows us to serve both the Philadelphia community as well as the neighborhoods outside the city lines. Whether you are a city resident or reside in the suburbs, our office can easily be reached by car or public transportation. Public transportation is conveniently within walking distance of our front door. Our building is stand alone with plenty of parking for those who drive. Just like the everyday technological world, dentistry is always evolving and requires regular action to keep our care current. Our office prides itself on staying up to date with the newest and greatest innovations that the dental industry has to offer. We aim to deliver care that is innovative while still comfortable and always welcoming to the patient. We achieve this by providing care that is as painless as possible. We also make each visit as efficient as possible by utilizing tools such as digital radiographs, intraoral cameras, and digital scanning. These tools allow procedure times to be cut by a significant amount. Our office is bright, fresh, and inviting. We urge you to contact us to book your high quality dentist appointment today.

Affordable and High Quality Care

As mentioned above, it is important that the care you are receiving is affordable and worth the investment in your oral health. At Ideal Smile, we take pride in delivering care at a price you can afford. We keep this in mind when caring for our patients and in an effort to help alleviate any financial burdens, we offer payment options that will hopefully assist you in affording our dentistry services. Alongside payment plans, we offer financing options that open the door to patients who may not be able to afford care otherwise. In addition to payment plans and financing options, we also accept a number of PPO insurances. We believe that affordability shouldn’t result in the sacrifice of high quality care. Even with payment plans and financing options in place, Ideal Smile can ensure that each time you’re in our office you will be given the best care by our doctors who are experts in their fields and always prioritize improving your dental health and fulfilling your dental needs.

Payment plans and healthcare financing available

Most discount plans and PPO insurances accepted