Our state of the art dental clinic offers both Zoom! And Glo whitening systems

Some of the common causes of tooth discoloration and staining:

Teeth whitening is an effective chemical process that helps remove discoloration and stains and significantly improving teeth appearance.  However, It is not a permanent procedure and on average is done once a year depending on individual lifestyle.  Patients who engage in any of the activities mentioned above on regular bases, need to have whitening done more often.  In most cases whitening procedure is very effective and results are seen right away.

How does zoom whitening work?

In Office Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

Zoom! is a powerful light activated gel and best option for most patients to whiten their smiles. Its main component, hydrogen peroxide, will penetrate the teeth and whiten them deeply. Zoom whitening will eliminate the stains and discoloration from your teeth without damaging them.

With Zoom whitening, you can typically brighten your teeth 8-10 shades in just one hour. The first step is to come see Dr. Baluyan for a tooth whitening consultation.
We will cater to your needs and goals during your tooth whitening process. During a Zoom whitening in-office procedure, you can relax while we complete 3 fifteen-minute whitening sessions. You won’t believe your beautiful results!

Advantage vs. take home or over the counter methods: Immediate results!

Take Home Custom Trays and Whitening Gel for Maintenance

To continue to maintain your perfectly white smile at home Dr. Baluyan will have customized trays that fit your teeth exactly with specially made wells to hold the correct amount of whitening solution to expose all the needed surfaces of the teeth while at the comfort of your home. Dr. Baluyan will also provide professional level take-home whitening gel superior to any over the counter ones.  Custom trays are critical to maintain your beautiful initial zoom whitening results.


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